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With 20+ years in the inflatable rental industry, our products are designed with the operator at the forefront. Each BounceWave Team Member has hands-on experience in the inflatable rental field, unlike most manufacturers.

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Over the years, we have taken the feedback from the customers of our own inflatable rental company of 20 years, as well as feedback from our clients and design inflatables that catch the eye of your potential renters. Just ask some of our customers, and they'll tell you that their BounceWave products are among the most rented in their inventory.

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The BounceWave Team is available by phone seven days a week for good reason. Whether it's a question on a product or what to do in the field during a rental drop-off, we succeed when you succeed.

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Have questions? Our Frequently Asked Questions section is filled with our most asked questions. Still need help? Call Our Team Today!

What is an Inflatable Rental Business?
An Inflatable Bounce House Renta Business is a business with high income potential. Through the guidance of an industry expert like BounceWave and the right products, your bounce house business can be very fruitful. Here are some of the benefits you get, when you own your inflatable party rental equipment. Party Rental Business products include commercial inflatable water slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, bounce slide combos, chairs, tables, and more!
How much does it cost to open an Inflatable Rental Business?
The cost of owning a bounce house business is dependent on many different factors. Theis can include the level of risk that the owner is willing to take, the specific type of business that they are running, and what they are trying to accomplish.
The average inflatable purchased from BounceWave costs $2,900.00. The ideal budget to open a bounce house rental business is $10,000-$20,000. This will give the opportunity to build an adequate inventory of bounce houses, water slides, combo units, chairs, tables, and the required accessories to operate the inflatables. 
What are the risks of owning an Inflatable Rental Business?
The Party Equipment Rental Business has a moderate risk factor. Because of the nature of the business, it is important to ensure that the products that you rent meet the required safety measures based on state regulations. Additionally, it is important to only purchase inflatables that are ASTM certified (all BounceWave products follow ASTM Guidelines)
Liability insurance is a must when operating an inflatable rental company. If you need assistance finding the right insurance provider, ask a BounceWave team member!
What Makes A Bounce House Commercial Grade?
Bounce Houses have evolved over the years, not only in popularity, but also in the process by which they are built. So how can you be sure that you are purchasing a commercial inflatable that has been built to last?
For consumers looking to purchase a bounce house, the options are mainly big box stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Sam’s, and Target. These units weigh less and cost less making them attractive to consumers, but they are not commercial grade. These versions are small, made of lightweight vinyl, and are put together with a single stitch pattern.
So what makes a commercial bounce house different? First, they are made to last for years with continuous use. They are made with a thicker, heavier, more durable PVC vinyl usually of 18oz or 15oz weight. Commercial grade bounce houses have larger intakes that require larger blowers for more air pressure. They have a double stitch pattern with triple stitching at all stress points. Stress points are crucial because they take the most abuse and are usually found at the entrance and corners of the bounce house. Additionally, the velcro and liners on a commercial inflatable are upgraded.
Most commercial bounce houses range from 13X13ft. To 15x15ft and require a 1 horsepower blower to operate. If you have any questions about commercial bounce house purchases, feel free to reach out to BounceWave Inflatable Sales. With many years of experience, it’s our pleasure to help you with all of your commercial inflatable game needs.
What Size Bounce House Should I Buy?
There are many different sizes of bounce houses offered in the rental market today. The most popular sizes are, generally, 13x13ft or 15x15ft, measured to the outer corners of the bounce house. So, which size is best suited for your business? Here are some things to think about before purchasing:
Price point: Are you renting in the city or rural areas? Rates can vary based on location.
Target Market: Churches, Backyards, Schools?
Answering these two questions should help you decide which size to purchase. For example, if you rent to a lot of schools and churches, a large or XL bounce house would be the best fit. These locations usually have the space and more children can fit in the larger-sized bounce houses.
For the backyard market, if you are in the city with limited space, a smaller bounce house (11 x 11 ft or 13 x 13 ft) would be a better option. If you are in a rural area with a larger space, the 15 X 15 bounce house would be a great choice to service these customers.
If you have any questions about which Bounce houses might be the best for your business, BounceWave Inflatable Sales offers all sizes of bounce houses to fit your specific application.
What Is The Best Company To Purchase Inflatables From?
In recent years, the bounce house industry has exploded all across the United States. Choosing the best brand with not only the best quality, but also the most attractive-looking inflatables can be imperative for your business to find success.
When choosing the best company to purchase a bounce house from, there are several things to consider.
First is the bounce pad base height, which is the height from the bottom of the bounce pad or the section that sits flat on the ground, to the top of the bounce pad, which is the area where children will be bouncing on. This area should be at least 31″-41″ in height. Any bounce house manufacturer whose bounce pad is lower than 31 inches is generally considered a low-quality brand. 
Another key area to examine the quality of your bounce house is the vinyl. A high-quality bounce house will be built with 15oz or 18oz PVC vinyl. You want to be sure the complete bounce house is built with 15oz or 18oz vinyl, as many manufacturers will put oxford material or 8oz vinyl in non-stress areas. This can make your bounce house easily susceptible to rips and tears. For the longevity of your bounce house, make sure you’re choosing a brand whose products are made with the correct vinyl.
Lastly, stitch patterns and zippers for deflation are also something to look for when choosing a high-quality brand bounce house. Some manufacturers understitch patterns that do not hold as well and lose air. Also, having the proper amount of zippers for deflation is imperative for getting the air out when rolling up your bounce house.
Most manufacturers only have two zippers for deflation; here at BounceWave Inflatable Sales, we use a minimum of four zippers to make the deflation process quick and easy for you and your customers. BounceWave also ensures the best brand and quality with Plato 15oz vinyl for each of our units and the closest stitch pattern in the industry. For any questions or to purchase a high-quality bounce house call BounceWave Inflatable Sales today at (888) 901-9283! 
Are Deposits Refundable?
All deposits are Non-Refundable. 
If you have any questions or concerns in regards to deposits, please call us today at (888) 901-9283

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