How To Setup A Commercial Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable water slides can come in various sizes. Large inflatable water slides can be as tall as 15 feet to 37 feet. They can either be single lane or double lane. Suppose you’ve just purchased a new commercial water slide, and you want to set it up; we have listed some steps for you to follow below.

Find the Perfect Location

Having easy access to water is important to setting up the inflatable water slide. Therefore when setting up your water slide, find a location where you can access water easily, as well as enough space. Place a tarp or groundsheet under the water slide to prevent its bottom from getting damaged and to also reduce dirt.

Once this has been set up, look for the entrance of the water slide and unroll it. Check the water slide to make sure all the zippers and water vents are closed tightly.

Inflate the Tube

Once this is done, connect the blower and the inflation tube. Ensure it is airtight and close all other inflation tubes not used. Use sandbags or stakes to anchor the inflatable water slide. After this, proceed to switch the blower on. It could take up to seven minutes or less to inflate the water slide, depending on its size.

Check Water Levels and Connect the Hose

If there is a pool in the water slide, fill it till it reaches its right level. The next thing is to connect the garden hose and the spraying system. The final step is to turn on the spigot and set the water pressure low.

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Steps to Tear-Down a Commercial Inflatable Water Slides

Consider Safety and Distance

When you are tearing down your commercial inflatable water slide, ensure that everyone has left it and is at a safe distance.

Turn Off Power

You can then switch off the power and drain all the water from it, including the splash zone and landing pool. Turn off the blower and take it out of the inflation tube. If the water slide is tall while it deflates, make sure the upper section falls forward.

Open Zippers and Deflate

Importantly, you must open all deflation zippers and inflation tubes. Also, open all the water drain vents that are under the water slide. After deflating the water slide, egress and drying are next. Carefully clean off any water puddle using a clean towel, then remove all the anchors. Walk on the inflatable with waterproof footwear to stomp out trapped air. Using waterproof footwear will help prevent dirt marks on the water slide.
Folding and Storage

Once the water slide is flat, fold a side of the water slide inward, and ensure the inflation tubes are not tucked in. Then walk on the folded portion, beginning from the opposite side of the inflation tubes. Repeat this continuously as many times as needed to remove any trapped air. Fold the opposite side and stomp out any trapped air. Once the trapped air has been stomped out, put straps under the water slide close to the inflation tubes, roll up the water slide and tie it.

If you follow the steps listed above closely, setting up and tearing down your inflatable water slide shouldn’t be a problem.

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