The BounceWave Story

Jason Ladd left his six-figure, full-time job back in 2005.  His longing for entrepreneurship and the ability to spend more time with his family sparked this move that would change the course of his life. Much like many of the new inflatable rental start-ups, Jason observed a high-demand for a reputable inflatable rental company in his family’s small town north of Tampa, FL, and took note of how lucrative the event rental industry was. With a few days worth of internet research under his belt, he started his own inflatable rental company, Xtreme Jumpers & Slides.

A few years later, the family’s inflatable rental enterprise expanded, offering inflatable products sourced from manufacturers nationwide. After experiencing challenges with design flaws, practicality concerns, and durability issues, as well as a desire for more attractive designs, Jason made the decision to initiate the design and construction of his own inflatables. From 2010-2017, Jason used all of the inflatables he built in his own inventory, testing field durability, practicality, as well as design rentability & themes that rented at higher volumes compared to others. After seven years of testing, Jason & family decided to bring these proven high-quality & thoughtfully designed commercial inflatables to rental companies all across the USA, thus BounceWave Inflatable Sales was born.

BounceWave Inflatable Sales has became one of the largest Inflatable & Event Rental suppliers in the eastern U.S.A., and one of the fastest growing in the nation. Our rental outfit, Xtreme Jumpers, is still one of the largest in Florida to this day. BounceWave also expanded into the high-end event and wedding rental industry in 2023 with Orchid House Event Rentals. Our success comes from a simple recipe that so many companies tend to stray away from: Incredible customer service, high-quality products, and honesty.

And the story doesn’t end there, BounceWave Inflatable Sales is constantly growing, and has since expanded into the blower, event supply, and hand-truck industry with BounceWave Blower Co., Event Rental Depot, and Diamondback Dolly.

To this day, Jason and the BounceWave Team have a true passion for helping new businesses flourish and established businesses grow beyond imagined. 

In 2024, BounceWave officially opened its new Offices and 30,000sqf Warehouse in Central Florida, where we invite customers to come visit us in person and see why BounceWave Inflatable Sales is the BEST supplier in the nation. 

Always remember, as rental operators still to this day, WE DO WHAT YOU DO.

The BounceWave Difference


Client Satisfaction

At BounceWave, our customers aren't "just another sale." We believe in staying in touch with our clients to ensure your investment proves successful with your return on investment.


We Do What You do

Every member of the BounceWave Team understands what event rental companies endure, because we often spend our weekends out doing the same thing as you. We're here to be a resource for you and your business, 24/7, not just to sell you a product.


If something Isn't Right, Make it Right

Any manufacturer who claims to be without fault or errors is silly and shouldn't be taken seriously. Every company in this industry makes mistakes, but the difference between them lies in how those mistakes are addressed. At BounceWave, we will always do everything in our power to make something right.


Stay Innovative

Although the inflatable industry is lucrative, it's also highly competitive. That's why always have innovation at the forefront of our mission. Our continual new design releases, product enhancements, and even discovering new revenue generating products can attest to our focus on innovation.

Our team of Dream Achievers

director at bouncewave inflatable sales

Jason Ladd


Team member at BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Kimberly Ladd


Team Member at BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Austin Ladd

Creative & Marketing Director

Team member at BounceWave Inflatable sales

Blaine Ladd

Financial & Operations Director

Team Member at BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Christopher Brown

Sales Director

Team member at BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Christopher Dious

Logistics Director

Team member at BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Blake Roberts

Product Development & Assistant Sales Director

Experience our Products & Service Before You Buy

At BounceWave, we encourage potential customers to visit our facility to experience our product and service first-hand. Our team is happy to inflate product & give any advice or tips we can offer. 

BounceWave at the IAAPA Expo in 2023
Axe Throw Inflatable at the IAAPA Show in 2023
Commercial Inflatable Water Slide For Sale

Let’s get creative

Have custom inflatable product needs or a dream design in mind? BounceWave can make it come to life! We are proud to offer custom design services for our clients. Contact our team for more info.

BounceWave Inflatable Sales Customization

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