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Need to find a reliable inflatable repair expert? We provide party equipment rental service companies with the best bounce house repair service. We partner exclusively with BounceFix in Ocala, Florida.

There are many reasons why your inflatable may develop small tears or major gashes. While repairing these sorts of damages is not complicated, it’s best to leave this task in the hands of experts and professional bounce house repair companies due to the safety risks involved in incorrectly patching up an inflated product. These professionals can also quickly fix any other problems with your inflatable so that you don’t have a headache trying to do it yourself! 

Beyond fixing the damage, they’ll be able to find out what caused the problem and advise on how to prevent future issues from happening again – all while protecting their customer’s investment by making sure everything lasts as long as possible before requiring repairs yet again!

Bounce house repair is a major problem for any inflatable manufacturer. It’s estimated that an average of 5-10% of all inflatables are damaged by the end of their first year, and this number only increases as time goes on! Luckily, there is a solution available to you: BounceWater Sales’ bounce house repair near you offer professional repairs at affordable prices. We can fix any small tears or gashes in your toy so that it lasts longer – without putting anyone in danger along the way. Beyond simple fixes though, we also offer inspections to find out what caused the damage in order to advise you on how best to prevent future issues from happening again too soon.

Our goal is to offer the best service and repairs near you so that your inflatables last as long as possible without needing more costly professional services. We use safe, high-quality materials when we repair your toy – all while keeping in mind what caused its damage for future advice!

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We would love to help you get your inflatables looking new again!

Common questions about bounce house repair

If the material in your bounce house is torn, you can repair it with a patch. If that doesn’t work for you, try using this easy-to-follow guide on how to fix tears and holes in vinyl sheets! You will need some adhesive which comes included or buy along separately from any kit – just make sure it’s designed specifically for fixing up these types of leaks.

The best way to do so is by following this step: grab an old tarpaulin sheet then cut out patches of approximately 6 inches x 12 inches each. Cut away all coloration around the hole before applying glue onto both side edges as well as across the corners where they meet at either end when folded over into position.

Tired of your inflatable deflating after a few days? Repair it in just minutes with these simple steps: Deflate the item completely, clean any small holes or tears using isopropyl alcohol and then apply UV repair adhesive to seal the leak.

A well-cared-for bounce house inflatable could last a rental company up to six years! This means your business will be saving money if you invest in the best one now. See our collection of high-quality, long-lasting commercial inflatables for sale.

Flex Tape® isn’t designed for high-pressure applications, but it may be worth a try. This is especially true if you’re considering the cost of buying an entirely new commercial water slide inflatable!

A small patch of Flex Tape®, slightly bigger than the hole or tear in your product should do just fine – apply this using firm pressure and remove all air bubbles with clean fingers. It’s important to make sure that none can penetrate into any openings on the inside because they will cause extra problems when inflated again later! If these simple steps don’t work (and there are many reasons why not) contact us for repair solutions from professional technicians who know how best to fix things like this quickly and easily by phone as well as chat online

The self-adhesive patches that come with these kits can be controversial, but if the patch is durable enough to withstand pressure when ridden on by a child, it will more than suffice for any inflatable bounce house. Some argue about using different types of glue as adhesive – contact or rubber cement should work fine too! But before you take matters into your own hands and go off without consulting someone in charge (aka an expert), make sure you research what type of glue would best suit your needs first.

Using the sandpaper, rough up the surface of the patch and wipe clean. Repeat this process with both surfaces on your bouncy castle around where it’s torn. With a brush apply liberally to one side of your ripped area glue until reaching just over as far from edge as possible for extra safety before letting dry according to package instructions or overnight if time permits!

Take some sandpaper and roughen up an inch wide by two inches long section either vertically or horizontally depending on how you want it fixed in place (horizontal is more durable). Apply generous amounts of superglue onto these areas about half-way down then let them go ahead and stick together while they’re still wet so that there won’t be any gaps between pieces

To fill holes – a bouncy castle that has been pierced by something sharp, such as an errant high heel can be saved with the help of glue. Apply packing tape to one side of the hole and cover it in around 50mm overhang on all sides with glue.

The bounce house may be able to get wet, but the blower and electrical cords can not. Water getting into the blower could damage it, so we have to keep water away from it. Be careful covering up all of these sensitive components though because they need some airflow in order for them still work properly at inflating our inflatable bouncy castle!