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15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide


Introducing the 15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale!

The 15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale, standing at an impressive 15 feet, is the latest addition to our large range of water slides for sale. Primed with a vibrant color palette of marble teal, green, and blue, it stands out in any environment. Further, it features 3D palm trees for an authentic tropical touch, making it the highlight of any event.


  • Dimensions: 28ft x 19ft x 15ft
  • Weight: 450lbs
  • Blower Size: 1.5hp. Blower sold separately.
  • Splash Type: Pool
  • # of Quick Deflation Zippers: 7
  • # of Anchoring Points: 14 base anchoring points & six upper lanyard points.
  • Constructed of 15oz commercial vinyl throughout, and 20oz slide and pool liner with heat-welded seams.
  • Blowers and misting system not included.
  • Durable 20oz Vinyl Slide & Pool Liner
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly.

This 15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale is designed specifically for durability, capable of withstanding heavy rental usage. It features two lanes, catering to more users simultaneously, and ensuring more fun times. An expansive pool at the bottom of the high-quality 20oz vinyl slide adds to the thrill and finishes off each ride with a refreshing splash.

Weighing in at 450lbs, the slide is lightweight yet sturdy. It includes 14 base anchoring points and six upper lanyard points for enhanced stability, ensuring safety for all riders. Additionally, the slide has seven quick deflation zippers for fast and easy tear-down after use.

The 15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale is constructed with high-strength 15oz commercial vinyl throughout, ensuring not just durability but also better resistance to potential damages. Furthermore, for an even smoother and safer ride, the slide and pool liner are made from 20oz vinyl. All seams are heat-welded for added durability and longevity of the slide.

This Bahama Blast Water Slide does not include a blower or a misting system. It requires a 1.5hp blower, which needs to be purchased separately.

The 15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale is a valuable addition to the inventories of party or event organizers, as well as rental inflatable business owners. This product not only adds variety to your offerings, but also sets you apart from your competitors with its distinct design and features.

This water slide inflatables for sale promises endless hours of fun and excitement, bringing a splash of tropical enjoyment to your event. The Bahama Blast Water Slide is the definitive answer to spicing up any party or gathering with its unique charm and exhilarating experience.

Get your 15’ Bahama Blast Water Slide today and experience first-hand how this product can bring you increased rental inquiries and bookings, boost your business, and take your events to the next level of fun and enjoyment.

15' Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide For Sale15′ Bahama Blast Center Climb Water Slide