15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide


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Introducing the 15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide For Sale!

Unveiling our mesmerizing 15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide For Sale- a distinct solution tailored for rental inflatable businesses, event, and party organizers. This unique water slide showcases a striking mix of blue and purple, echoing the aura of a deep sea realm. Structured with a wave top and mermaid patterns, its aesthetics are sure to mesmerize your clientele.

  • Dimensions: 28ft x 16.2ft x 15ft
  • Weight: 360lbs
  • Blower Size: 1.5hp. Blower sold separately.
  • Splash Type: Pool
  • # of Quick Deflation Zippers: 7
  • # of Anchoring Points: 14 base anchoring points & six upper lanyard points
  • Durable 20oz Vinyl Slide & Pool Liner
  • Stabilizer Pads on each side for stability and enhanced appearance
  • Our slide liners are secured at the base of liner with 2″ Velcro and top of liner with 3″ Velcro to prevent water from entering interior of slide
  • Blowers and misting system not included
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly

Boasting a sturdy design, our 15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide For Sale promises stability and longevity, becoming an asset for businesses with heavy rental usage. The single-lane slide adds an exclusive fun angle, ending at a large pool; a feature adored by water adventurers of all ages. Its bold presence makes it an ideal fit for any occasion, from birthday parties to corporate events.

With a total weight of 360lbs, the water slide also flaunts 14 base anchoring points and six upper lanyard points, ensuring optimum safety for your customers. To maintain the slide’s integrity, a tough 20oz Vinyl slide and pool liner have been used, with stabilizer pads on either side for added durability and enhanced appearance.

This inflatable water slide also features seven quick deflation zippers for prompt and easy packing, post-event. Furthermore, we’ve ensured the slide liners remain secure with 2″ Velcro at the base and 3″ Velcro at the top, preventing water from seeping inside. Note: Blowers and misting system are sold separately.

The 15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide offers a competitive edge for your rental inventories, setting you apart in the industry. Take a plunge today into this profitable endeavor, and elevate your rental business or event offerings.

Kindly note: the dimensions are 28ft x 16.2ft x 15ft and the blower size is 1.5hp. All the components used for the water slide purchase prioritize robustness and quality, making it a worthy investment for your rental business.

Experience the mystical allure of our Mermaid Water Slide and see how it adds a splash of magic to your events. Dive into the enchanting world of mermaids, and let the fun ride begin!



15' Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide For Sale15′ Mermaid Single Lane Water Slide

Available on backorder