30′ Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle Course


Introducing the 30′ Baja Splash Backyard Obstacles for Sale!

Stand out from the crowd with the spectacular Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle! It’s not just an inflatable unit, but also a dynamic piece of party set-ups. Ingeniously designed for rental businesses, event and party organizers, this obstacle sets a new entertainment standard. And that’s not all! It’s terrestrial solid design adheres to the ASTM guidelines ensuring long-lasting durability.

The Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle showcases striking marble blue, red, and grey hues. This eye-catching color scheme instantly becomes the talk of the town, making your event the one to remember. A dry obstacle course that plays host to endless fun, it includes pop-ups, tunnels, and a slide. Just imagine the laughing, giggling, jumping, and sliding – the unceasing enjoyment it brings to gatherings!

Truly a one-of-a-kind entertainment solution for rental inventories. Its unique ability to meet the fun needs of any event can shoot up your rental usage. Investing in the Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle equates to a significant competitive edge for rental business owners.

Artfully crafted for stability, this backyard obstacle undergoes rigorous safety and performance checks. Its strength ensures maximum durability extending its lifespan more than you’d expect. All that crouching, crawling, and sliding matched with durable materials equals thrill-packed and worry-free parties!

With the Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle, you effortlessly blend fun with safety. Its detailed design and sturdy durability hit the sweet spot between entertainment and security. The playful activities await and so does the fun-filled day! The Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle is reliable, durable, and most of all, a wealth of fun!

Make sure to consider adding this standout piece to your rental inventory. Don’t let any more fun-filled backyards go by without the Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle.

This custom inflatable unit is available exclusively at BounceWave Inflatable Sales. Contact us for more information (888) 901-9283.


30′ Baja Splash Backyard Obstacles For Sale30′ Baja Splash Backyard Obstacle Course