4 Wheel Manual Heavy Duty Hand Dolly W/Brake


Introducing Diamondback Dolly’s unparalleled four-wheeled heavy-duty hand dolly with a brake. This masterclass engineering work is an absolute necessity for rental inflatable business owners, event organizers, and party planners. Industries are evolving and so should your tools. Empower yourself with this industrial-strength game-changer.

Designed with over 20 years of experience in the inflatable rental field, these beasts are fabricated in-house at our facility by professional welders.

Features & Specs of 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Dolly W/Brake:

  • Industrial strength steel frame, 100% mig-welded by precision jig
  • 1/8″ Steel Tubing, 1/4″ Base Plate
  • 100% Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 65″ H x 36″ Wide
  • Welded accessory bars to carry sand bags, stakes, blowers, etc
  • 2000lb Heavy Duty Trailer Axle
  • Engineered and crafted for perfect weight balance, making transporting with a load as simple as possible
  • 18 x 8.5 x 8″ Base Terrain Tires with Fully Sealed Ball Bearings (greasing not required)
  • Base Tire Rating: 940lb Each
  • Powder Coated with Matte Finish- preventing rust, chipping, etc.
  • Extended Foot Brake with Brake Lock Feature. Firmly chock tires with ease.
  • 1″ Retractable ratchet strap attachment (1,200 lb capacity) to assist with loading & transport

The steel frame is industrial-grade, giving it an unbeatable strength while maintaining the precision of mig-welding. An admirable feature is the 1/8″ steel tubing and 1/4″ base plate, providing a level of stability that’s difficult to challenge. Fabricated with 100% stainless steel hardware, it offers a high-resistance to corrosion.

This dolly has a hefty maximum weight capacity thanks to the 2000lb heavy-duty trailer axle, prepared for the heaviest loads. Engineered for perfect weight balance, its design enables seamless and easy transportation.

Detailed with welded accessory bars, it allows carrying of sand bags, stakes, blowers and more. The Matte finished powder-coated frame ensures resistance to rust & chipping, increasing durability.

Terrain movement is ensured by its 18 x 8.5 x 8″ base terrain tires, fitted with fully sealed ball bearings that don’t require greasing. Each tire has a rating of 940lb, making it capable to take on just about any course.

For safety and control, it comes with an extended foot brake with a lock feature, giving you the ability to firmly chock tires with confidence.

Add to it a 1″ retractable ratchet strap attachment with a capacity of 1,200 lb, it transforms loading and moving to a straightforward process.

ur Manual Hand Dolly for moving brings together strength, versatility, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for your business needs. Trust us, this investment pays back in saved time, effort and smooth operations. You won’t have to worry about your transport needs with this beast on your team. So why wait? Upgrade your moving experience with Diamondback’s hand dolly today!


4 Wheel Heavy Duty Dolly W/Brake4 Wheel Manual Heavy Duty Hand Dolly W/Brake