62ft Lava Falls 2-Piece Wet/Dry Obstacle Course


Introducing the 62ft Lava Falls 2-Piece Wet/Dry Obstacle Course For Sale!

The 62ft Lava Falls 2-Piece Wet/Dry Obstacle Course For Sale presents itself as an enticing prospect for rental businesses seeking to elevate their offerings. Boasting a striking marble blue and yellow design coupled with an array of features such as pop-ups, tunnels, and a dual-lane slide, this inflatable promises a visually appealing and exhilarating experience for users of all ages.

What sets this obstacle course apart is its dual functionality, catering to both wet and dry preferences. The incorporation of a pool and bumper attachment adds an extra layer of versatility, transforming it into a year-round attraction. This adaptability can be a game-changer for rental businesses looking to provide entertainment in various weather conditions and meet the diverse preferences of their customer base.


  • Dimensions: 62′ L x 10.5′ W x 15′. Piece 1 Length: 30ft; Piece 2 Length: 32ft H
  • Durable 15oz through & 20oz Vinyl Slide & Pool Liner
  • Use: Wet and Dry
  • Blower Size: Two 1.5hp Blowers needed. Blower sold separately.
  • Splash Type: Detachable pool & bumper
  • # of Quick Deflation Zippers: 12
  • # of Anchoring Points: 24 base anchoring points & two upper slide lanyard points
  • Our slide liners are secured at the base of liner with 2″ Velcro and top of liner with 3″ Velcro to prevent water from entering interior of slide
  • Blowers and misting system not included
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly


Give a remarkable twist to every event with the astounding Lava Falls Wet/Dry Obstacle Course. Stretching up to 62ft, this magnificent commercial-grade play area is an image to behold. Crafted meticulously for top-grade longevity, it ensures an enduring service span, leaving behind your competitors.

Packed with delightful elements like pop-ups, tunnels, and a double lane slide, this towering inflatable brings fun and thrill to every occasion. Whether it is a sunny day or a thrilling water party, this wet/dry obstacle course offers year-round enjoyment.

The materials used for this inflatable are not ordinary. We have opted for resilient 15oz through & 20oz vinyl for the slide and pool liner. Apart from its durability, it’s vibrant marble blue and yellow color scheme makes it visibly inviting, enticing potential customers at first glance.

Every aspect in the construction reflects safety and convenience. It incorporates a detachable pool & bumper splash, and quick deflation zippers. To ensure secure anchorage, twelve anchoring points are added and two upper slide lanyard points.

For operators, assembling and maintaining this inflatable is a breeze. The slide liners are safeguarded with 2″ Velcro at the base and 3″ Velcro at the top, restricting water inflow into the slide’s interior.

With the Lava Falls Wet/Dry Obstacle Course, you get more than just an inflatable. You gain an enticing attraction that sets your rental business apart from the crowd, magnetizing event and party organizers alike. Ignite the thrill of adventure at events with this exceptional inflatable course, built with quality and designed for fun!

This custom inflatable unit is available exclusively at BounceWave Inflatable Sales. Contact us for more information (888) 901-9283.


62ft Lava Falls 2-Piece Wet/Dry Obstacle Course For Sale62ft Lava Falls 2-Piece Wet/Dry Obstacle Course