Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide


Introducing the Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide For Sale!

The Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide For Sale : Fun Meets Durability

Don’t let the simple design fool you! The Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide is built tough for heavy-duty rental use. This eye-catching slide features a vibrant red and marble orange color scheme, accented by a giant 3D Crawfish and a refreshing pool at the end. But its beauty goes beyond aesthetics – it’s ideal for rental businesses needing a durable yet exciting option.


  • Dimensions:
    • 29×17.6x16ft Tall
    • 33×17.6x18ft Tall
    • 37.5×17.6x20ft Tall
  • Weight:
    • 420lbs (16ft Height)
    • 470lbs (18ft Height)
    • 520lbs (20ft Height)
  • Blower Size: 1.5hp or 2.0hp. Blower sold separately.
  • Splash Type: Pool
  • # of Quick Deflation Zippers: 7
  • # of Anchoring Points: 14 base anchoring points & six upper lanyard points
  • Blowers and misting system not included
  • 15oz commercial grade vinyl throughout and 20oz heat welded vinyl slide and pool liner
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly

Built to Last, Built for Fun

Made with top-quality materials, including 15oz commercial-grade vinyl throughout and an even stronger 20oz heat-welded vinyl for the slide and pool liner, this water slide promises exceptional strength and a long lifespan. It comes in three impressive heights: 16ft, 18ft, and a whopping 20ft. Keep in mind that these heights correspond to weights of 420lbs, 470lbs, and 520lbs, respectively.

Safety First

Safety is a priority with the Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide. It features seven quick deflation zippers for fast deflation in case of emergencies. There are also a total of 20 anchoring points – 14 at the base and 6 on the upper part – to keep riders secure during even the wildest rides.

Easy Setup, Enhanced Experience

A separate 1.5hp or 2.0hp blower is required to inflate the slide quickly. An optional misting system can also be added to further enhance the water slide experience.

Stand Out From the Crowd

What truly sets the Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide apart is the combination of its striking design, focus on safety, long-lasting construction, and pure enjoyment. This unique and high-quality water slide is a perfect addition for rental business owners looking to spice up their inventory or event organizers seeking a new and exciting attraction. Slide into fun with the exclusive Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide!

The Competitive Edge

In today’s competitive market, the inflatables you offer can make a big difference. The Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide is designed to help you stay ahead of the game! Elevate your parties and events with this one-of-a-kind water slide. After all, who can resist a fun-filled plunge into the world of a giant red-orange crawfish? Get your Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide today and let the fun flow!


16FT, 18FT, 20FT

Crawfish Single Lane Water Slide For SaleCrawfish Single Lane Water Slide
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