Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo


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Introducing the Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo

Engage in the Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo experience, a top-notch product that brings an extra thrill to your events. Our Tiki wave-inspired design offers an extraordinary inflatable combo, attractive and lightweight, perfect for easy setups and teardowns.

Its stunning green, yellow, and blue color scheme complements all types of event themes, making it an ideal option for event organizers and party planners.

Dimensions: 26.5ft x 12.5ft x 13.5ft
Weight: Approx. 340lbs
Blower Size: 1.5hp. Blower sold separately.
Use: Wet & Dry
Splash Type: Inflated Pool/Splash Pad
# of Quick Deflation Zippers: 6
# of Anchoring Points: 14 base anchoring points
15oz commercial grade vinyl throughout and 20oz heat welded vinyl slide and pool liner
1 year seam to seam manufacturer warranty, 2 year manufacturer slide and pool liner warranty
Blowers and misting system not included.

The Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo boasts not just eye-catching design but also proven resilience. The 15oz commercial-grade vinyl build provides sturdy support, while the 20oz heat-welded vinyl lining on the slide and pool assures high endurance. Such a combination guarantees entertaining yet safe fun with lasting durability.

Moreover, we offer absolute peace of mind with our 1-year seam-to-seam manufacturer warranty and a 2-year warranty for the slide and pool’s liner!

One of this combo’s unique features is its inflated splash pad pool. Unlike a regular pool, it offers softer, safer landings for all ages, making it a great hit for both kids and adults alike.

Its six quick deflation zippers ensure a hassle-free teardown process, and the 14 base anchoring points provide ultimate stability.

Although the combo comes with a 1.5hp blower size requirement, please note that the blower and misting system are sold separately. However, this piece of info enables rental inflatable business owners to plan effectively and safely for all event scenarios.

At just about 340lbs, the Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo is a breeze to transport and store. Despite it’s compact and lightweight design, the dimensions ensure sufficient room for play without compromising on its attractive wave top aesthetic.

To sum it all up, the Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo is much more than a typical inflatable. It’s an all-in-one package for endless fun, designed to simplify the lives of rental inflatable business owners, event organizers, and party planners by offering unmatched quality, design, and durability.

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of having this combo in your arsenal. Make the Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo part of your rental fleet today!Ready to order yours?

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Tiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry ComboTiki Wave Breeze-Lite Wet/Dry Combo

Available on backorder