Choosing the Right Bounce House Insurance

Choosing the Right Bounce House Insurance for Your Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable Bounce Houses have become a staple for events across the country, from community fairs to corporate outings. 

As a business owner in this industry, your primary goal is to create memorable experiences, filled with laughter and joy. It becomes equally important to ensure the safety of your clients while minimizing potential liabilities.

Operating a bounce house rental business comes with an inherent set of risks. You know how important it is to protect your investment.

It isn’t just about ticking off a box on your compliance list; it’s about safeguarding your investment, protecting your reputation, and most importantly, demonstrating to clients that their safety is paramount.

Understanding Bounce House Insurance

Bounce House Insurance is a specialized form of insurance that provides coverage for businesses or individuals who operate bounce house rental services. It is important to have Bounce House Insurance to protect against potential liabilities that may arise from accidents or injuries that occur during the use of bounce houses. This insurance can cover medical expenses, legal fees, and damages that may result from accidents involving the bounce houses.

Types of Coverage Offered by Bounce House Insurance Policies

Coverage TypeDescription
General LiabilityCovers third-party bodily injury or property damage claims arising from the use of bounce houses.
Property InsuranceProtects the physical bounce houses and equipment in case of damage or theft.
Commercial AutoCovers vehicles used to transport bounce houses to different rental locations.
Workers’ CompensationProvides coverage for employees who may get injured while setting up or operating bounce houses.

Finding the Right Insurance Company

When venturing into the bounce house business, peace of mind is paramount, and choosing the right insurance company is the foundation of that tranquility. It’s crucial to partner with an insurer that not only specializes in rental businesses but also excels in customer service, affordability, and industry knowledge.

It’s essential to weigh experience, customer service, affordability, diversity in insurance programs, and industry-specific knowledge when selecting the right insurer for your jumpy house business. These factors play a critical role in ensuring you obtain appropriate coverage for the unique challenges of running a party lease operation.

Best Bounce House Insurance Companies

  1. The SCHIAPPA Insurance Agency – This agency has a decade of experience within the event industry, demonstrating a track record of successfully executed events. Leveraging this extensive background, they have recently diversified their portfolio to include expertise in the insurance business. With a firm commitment to excellence, their objective is to deliver top-notch services tailored specifically for inflatable business owners.
1 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Location – Cranston, Rhode Island,02910
Contact – 4013454767 
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

2. First Commercial Insurance – With a wealth of expertise in their field, the team at First Commercial Insurance is dedicated to offering customized insurance solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Their professional and dedicated staff is available to assist clients in navigating the intricacies of insurance, ensuring they receive the most suitable policy for their requirements.

2 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Location – RI, USA 
Contact – +1 (855) 425-8122
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

3. Insure My Jumper – Insure My Jumper has expanded its reach through strategic corporate collaborations and exclusive partnerships with leading insurance carriers. Leveraging this network, they excel in sourcing the most competitive and diverse rates available in the market, ensuring optimal coverage for their clients.

3 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Location – Providence, Rhode Island
Contact – 800-826-5666.
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

4. ISERA – ISERA (The International Special Events and Recreation Association) operates as a nonprofit organization within the industry, offering individual members access to liability insurance. Recognizing the challenges associated with obtaining liability insurance, particularly for small-scale owners, ISERA provides tailored solutions to meet their needs. With a commitment to excellence, they strive to offer the best insurance options available in the market.

4 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Contact – 860-536-6516
Location – CT, USA 
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

5. Liberty United Insurance – Liberty United Insurance upholds its longstanding commitment to the insurance industry, consistently delivering top-tier services to its clientele. Through continual expansion of efficiency and capabilities, they have earned a reputation for excellence in meeting customer needs and expectations.

3 1 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Location – North Providence, RI
Contact – 401-723-8880
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

6. OVD insurance – OVD Insurance employs modern techniques to provide comprehensive coverage and support to its clients in every possible manner. Their primary objective is to empower clients to make informed decisions and become savvy purchasers of insurance.

7 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Location – Coral Springs, FL 
Contact – 800-806-3370
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

7. The Friedman Group – The Friedman Group is a client-centric company known for its commitment to honesty and integrity. They serve as a trusted single source for insurance solutions, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of their clients above all else.

The Friedman Group Bounce House Insurance

Website –
Location – Warwick, Rhode Island 
Contact – 800-627-3732
Mail ID –
Rating – *****

8. Cossio Insurance Agency – Cossio Insurance Agency is dedicated to prioritizing clients’ concerns, ensuring they can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

6 » BounceWave Inflatable Sales

Website –
Location – Johnston, Rhode Island
Contact – 800-874-9191 
Mail ID –
Rating – ****

Why Bounce House Insurance is Important for Your Rental Business

Bounce house, inflatable water slide, obstacle course and other inflatable games are now staples at various events, but running a rental business in this industry involves risks. Adequate insurance isn’t a luxury but a necessity to protect against potential financial ruin from accidents and legal claims. Many rental businesses lack sufficient coverage, leaving them vulnerable to disruptions. Bounce house insurance covers liabilities like property damage and personal injuries, offering a crucial safety net for your business’s future viability.

Safeguarding your Business and Assets

The adage “better safe than sorry” is particularly pertinent for a bounce house rental company, where lively gatherings featuring inflatable rentals can sometimes lead to unforeseen accidents. Here’s how to keep your business safe:

  • Get liability insurance to cover damages from inflatable play structures.
  • Specialized coverage, like bounce house or inflatable safeguard insurance, helps with specific business challenges.
  • This insurance pays for medical bills, legal costs, and settlements if something goes wrong.
  • If you set up your business as an LLC, it separates personal and business debts, protecting your assets.
  • Besides liability coverage, get commercial property and auto insurance to protect your stuff and vehicles.

Without a good bounce house insurance, your rental company could face big financial risks in the rental business.

Ensuring Safety for Your Customers

In the rental business, ensuring customer safety goes hand in hand with protecting assets and liabilities. A bounce house mishap can lead to minor cuts or severe injuries like broken bones or head trauma. This makes investing in insurance crucial, not only for business protection but also to assure customers of a safe experience.

Renters should opt for insured and bonded companies, requesting proof of insurance upon inquiry. Trained operators not only ensure proper setup but also enforce safety protocols during use.

By prioritizing safety measures and maintaining robust bounce house insurance coverage, bounce house rental businesses build trust with customers, offering not just fun but also peace of mind.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bounce House Insurance

Rental Business Size and Scope

When selecting Bounce House Insurance, it’s crucial to consider the size and scope of your rental business. Larger operations with multiple bounce houses and higher rental volumes may require more comprehensive coverage to adequately protect against potential liabilities.

Types of Inflatables in Your Inventory

The types of inflatables in your inventory play a significant role in determining the coverage needed. Different bounce houses may pose varying levels of risk, so it’s essential to choose insurance that adequately covers all types of inflatables you offer for rental. Ensure that the policy includes coverage for all inflatables, including water slides, obstacle courses, and interactive games.

Bounce House Insurance is essential for safeguarding your business from unexpected accidents or injuries during bounce house rentals. Consider these factors carefully to ensure you select the right insurance coverage that meets the specific needs of your bounce house rental business.

Liability Coverage for Bounce House Rentals

Understanding Liability Coverage and Its Importance

When individuals are choosing Bounce House Insurance, they should have a clear understanding of liability coverage and its significance. This type of insurance is crucial for protecting inflatable rental businesses from potential lawsuits or financial losses resulting from accidents or injuries that occur during bounce house rentals.

Limits and Exclusions of Liability Coverage

Individuals must also be aware of the limits and exclusions associated with liability coverage for bounce house rentals. It is important to review the policy carefully to understand the maximum coverage amounts provided and any specific situations or items that may be excluded from coverage.

Bounce House Insurance is essential for safeguarding rental businesses from unexpected incidents that may arise during bounce house rentals. By comprehensively evaluating liability coverage and understanding its limitations, individuals can select the appropriate insurance policy that meets their specific business needs.

Property Damage Coverage

Protecting Your Inflatables and Equipment

Individuals should prioritize protecting their inflatables and equipment by ensuring they have adequate property damage coverage for bounce house rentals. This coverage is essential in safeguarding assets from unforeseen damages that may occur during rental events.

Coverage for Accidental Damages

When considering property damage coverage for bouncy castle rentals, individuals must understand the scope of coverage for accidental damages. It is crucial to assess the policy details to determine the extent to which accidental damages to inflatables and equipment are covered.

Property damage coverage is a vital component of insurance for bounce house rentals, as it ensures that individuals are financially protected in the event of damages to their assets. By carefully reviewing and selecting the right coverage, individuals can mitigate risks and operate their rental business with confidence.

Additional Coverage Options

Weather-Related Damages

Individuals should also consider additional coverage options to protect their bouncy house rentals from weather-related damages. Weather can be unpredictable, and strong winds or heavy rain can cause significant harm to inflatables and equipment. By including weather-related damage coverage in their bounce house insurance policy, individuals can ensure that they are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during rental events.

Lost Rental Income Coverage

Lost rental income coverage is another essential option to consider for bounce house rental insurance. In the event that rental operations are interrupted due to damages or other covered incidents, the bounce house insurance coverage can provide financial support by compensating for the lost income during the period of interruption. By opting for this coverage option, individuals can protect their rental business from potential financial losses and maintain financial stability even during challenging times.

Bounce House Insurance FAQs

Why do I need bounce house insurance for my rental business?

Bounce house rental businesses face unique liabilities, including the risk of lawsuits from failure to instruct on safety or staff neglect during supervision. A comprehensive policy with general and professional liability coverage safeguards against these risks.

What costs can arise from bounce house-related lawsuits?

Negligence claims can be financially draining, with lawsuit costs often running between $100,000 – $500,000. An adequate insurance policy is crucial for protecting your business from these potential expenses.

Does bounce house insurance cover bounce house accidents?

Rental inflatable business owner insurance generally covers inflatable bounce house accidents, encompassing bodily injury and property damage claims, but adherence to safety regulations is essential for maintaining coverage validity.

What should I do if there’s an accident involving a jump house at my rental business?

In case of a bounce house accident, notify your insurance company immediately and provide all relevant details. Follow their instructions, document the scene, and cooperate fully with the claims process to ensure a swift resolution.

Should I have additional liability protection measures?

Yes, alongside a bounce house insurance coverage, implementing waivers for neighborhood children adds a layer of protection and helps manage liability concerns more effectively.

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