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15′ Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide


Introducing the 15′ Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide For Sale!

Dive into the world of exhilarating fun with the 15′ Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide For Sale. With a striking blend of marble green, orange, and yellow shades, this spectacular water slide immediately commands attention. Accentuated by enchanting 3D palm trees, it exudes a tropical vibe that is guaranteed to infuse life into any event or party.


  • Dimensions: 28ft x 19ft x 15ft
  • Weight: 450lbs
  • Blower Size: 1.5hp. Blower sold separately.
  • Splash Type: Pool
  • # of Quick Deflation Zippers: 7
  • # of Anchoring Points: 14 base anchoring points & six upper lanyard points.
  • Blowers and misting system not included.
  • Durable 20oz Vinyl Slide & Pool Liner
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly.

Devised with a central climb for added thrill, this double lane 15′ Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide For Sale comes with a large pool at the end for a refreshing splash. With its unique design and vibrant appeal, this is the right choice for rental inflatable business owners seeking to differentiate their portfolio.

Weighing around 450lbs, this mammoth water slide assures stability under steady rental usage. It features quick deflation zippers and several anchoring points to keep it steady while in use.

Crafted with a durable 20oz Vinyl Slide and Pool Liner, the dependable construction ensures long-term durability. Please note that blowers and misting systems are sold separately.

This inflatable water slide is more than just a product; it’s a crowd-pleasing attraction. Event organizers and party planners will appreciate this remarkable water slide as it will not only enhance their event appeal but also provide a thrilling experience to their guests.

Not just a rental asset, the 15′ Tropical Inferno water slide can become a cornerstone of your business growth strategy. It’s a smart investment with potential for significant returns.

Take the plunge and watch as your inflatable rental business transforms into a powerhouse with this amazing 15′ Tropical Inferno water slide. Join the ranks of smart business owners who know how to keep their customers coming back for more. Surprise them with an unforgettable tropical adventure made reality by the Tropical Inferno Water Slide!

15' Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide For Sale15′ Tropical Inferno Center Climb Water Slide