The Coveted Bounce House: A Great Product Addition to Any Party Equipment Rental Service Business

The inflatable bounce house is an essential part of any party equipment rental service. Themed Inflatable bounce houses are the most popular type and for good reason! 

As you know, children love to play and jump into inflatable games. Renting commercial bounce houses to your customers’ kids’ birthday parties will make their friends enjoy the party more. There are plenty of ways to make graduation or anniversary parties special, but the big party in the backyard might be more fun. There are Inflatable game rentals for that exact situation. It would be useful to know the benefits of renting bounce houses for your outdoor events. 

This article will explore why these are so great.

Improved Bouncing Abilities

Residential bouncy houses are usually made of heavy-duty nylon or polyester oxford, which is also known as oxford cloth. Bigger residential bounce houses are often made of nylon because it is stronger than the more common polyester. Nylon bouncer materials have a weight classification, which measures their density. The result is a comfortable, yet bouncy experience for all those who want to jump around! 

You will be amazed at how excited people get when they see these giant inflatables just waiting to be jumped on by little kids and adults alike!

Easy to Inflate and Deflate

There is no need to have advanced equipment to inflate a bounce house. They are inflated with an electric blower or foot pump (for very small units). It is also possible to inflate them manually, but it will take a lot of time and effort due to the thickness of this material. A simple air compressor is enough to give you reliable inflating without jeopardizing your clients’ safety. Most of these bounce houses have an external gauge to adjust the air compressor hose. It’s suggested to leave your air compressor working during the party to refill the bounce house with more pressurized air periodically. 

Secure For Kids

Jumping in a bouncy house is what most kids love doing. However, the surveillance of a senior is necessary to avoid any injuries from kids hitting each other while jumping. The bounce houses always have increased flexibility to allow more children to jump at the same time. There is no concern for their safety, as there are no stiff angles and hard surfaces. All surfaces are also tested for their ecological colors, and you don’t have to worry about younger children who still like to put things in their mouths.

kids jumping inside a bounce house

The air-filled bouncer is much safer for children than other inflatable toys, as it allows them to jump around without the risk of getting hurt. The material used in these inflatables can withstand quite a lot of weight and pressure (up to 400 pounds), so there are no worries about the product collapsing on top of your kids when they’re inside.

This type of inflatable also has mesh sheets that cover all entry points, which makes sure that any child who jumps inside will be able to get out easily if he or she needs help. Inflatable castles have an internal safety net at ground level that prevents anyone from falling down accidentally—a very important feature considering how many accidents happen with this kind of toy!

Could Get Thoroughly Cleaned and Sanitized

Bounce house surfaces are easy to clean and sanitize. Applying a mild detergent and a non-alcoholic disinfectant would be ideal. The inflatable structures can be hosed down to remove any contaminants and then spritzed with a disinfectant. A thorough rinse will leave your bouncer ready for the next party rental!

Jumping on a bouncy house would be ideal only when children remove their shoes and have their socks on. Furthermore, bounce house rentals can incentivize thoughtful hygiene practices by providing a protected environment from germs. 

Commercial bounce houses should be disinfected after every rental, and we recommend using bleach-free wipes to do so. Lysol makes great wipes that come highly recommended by most industry insiders. DO NOT use chlorine-based bleach or household cleaners with bleach to clean your bounce house. Bleach will cause fabric color to fade and harm the vinyl.

Keep Your Children Away From Computer Screens

Getting your kids to socialize with other children is the benefit of renting a bouncy house. Bounce houses and other inflatables are a great way to help kids move their bodies more. They provide exercise, as well as improve mobility and jump skills. In addition, with the surveillance of an adult, jumping games and competitions could easily get organized on the bounce house. Keeping them off the computer screen is also a plus since bounce houses tempt them to run, jump, play, and have a wonderful time with their friends.

Renting commercial-grade bounce houses would make your kids’ party unforgettable. You can get more information about our great variety of bounce houses for sale on our website.

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