Everything You Wanted To Know About Inflatable Bounce Houses

John Scurlock, the inventor of the inflatable bounce house, originally named it the Space Pillow. John came about the idea after seeing his employees jumping on the vinyl material that was spread all over tennis courts. The inventor, who is from the state of Louisiana, was a mechanical engineer. He made the first bounce houses from 18oz vinyl. As you can see, there is a lot you did not know about inflatable bounce houses. Let us have a look:


Bounce Houses Have Come A Long Way

Bounce houses have evolved over the years, and today, they come in different sizes and are called different names such as bouncy castles, moonwalks, moon bounce, and many more. The main material bounce houses are made of is 180z vinyl. This is stitched together with the aid of industrial threading. Blowers are attached to them, and electric cords serve as a channel to connect them to electricity. Inside the bounce house, there are chambers known as baffling. The baffling helps direct air inside the bounce house to keep it inflated.


Many Designs and Sizes Are Now Available

Bounce houses now come in different designs and shapes. Some of these designs include building designs, animal designs, even the popular Nickelodeon and Disney themes. They also come in different colors. Bounce houses and most inflatables are manufactured in the United States and Asia. The most common bounce house sizes range from 13’x13’ to 15’x15’. However, there are larger sizes around the range of 20’x20’ and smaller sizes around the range of 10’x10’. The standard bounce house sizes can take at least four children at once.

Bounce houses are primarily used at baby showers, festivals, fairs, weddings, corporate events, and other events for children. They are not only fun to play in, but they also help keep children busy while the parents socialize or attend to other important things. Children’s birthday parties are the most popular venues you are sure to see bounce houses. In fact, due to the high demand for bounce houses at birthday parties, several bounce house rentals services are not popping up in every city across the United States.


Price of Inflatables

In the United States, inflatables cost between $1,500 to $3,000. Since most people who buy them also rent them out, recuperating the purchase cost is relatively easy. In the USA, the average cost of renting a bounce house is about $100 per rental.

If you are considering starting a bounce house rental service, you don’t need much aside from the inflatables. Most bounce house rental companies employ a simple approach for their business. They mostly don’t engage in proper advertising and don’t even carry proper insurance certificates. However, some large players in the industry are licensed and insured.


Proper Maintenance is Key

Although they look big and overwhelming, bounce houses are pretty easy to clean and maintain after every event. However, you will need a lot of water and other cleaning solvents and preservatives to ensure it is properly cleaned before storage. Bounce houses can easily deteriorate and lose their value without proper maintenance. So you must do your best to maintain your inflatables at all costs.

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