Everything You Wanted To Know About Inflatable Bounce Houses

Everything You Wanted To Know About Inflatable Bounce Houses

John Scurlock, the inventor of the inflatable bounce house, originally named it the Space Pillow. John came about the idea after seeing his employees jumping on the vinyl material that was spread all over tennis courts. The inventor, who is from the state of Louisiana, was a mechanical engineer. He made the first bounce houses from 18oz vinyl. As you can see, there is a lot you did not know about inflatable bounce houses. Let us have a look:


Bounce Houses Have Come A Long Way

Bounce houses have evolved over the years, and today, they come in different sizes and are called different names such as bouncy castles, moonwalks, moon bounce, and many more. The main material bounce houses are made of is 180z vinyl. This is stitched together with the aid of industrial threading. Blowers are attached to them, and electric cords serve as a channel to connect them to electricity. Inside the bounce house, there are chambers known as baffling. The baffling helps direct air inside the bounce house to keep it inflated.

From small residential bounce houses to larger commercial ones for rental companies, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Each type has its unique features and considerations, making it important to understand the differences and options available.


The Importance of Safety in Inflatable Bounce Houses

Safety is the utmost priority when it comes to inflatable bounce houses, which are designed for an enjoyable experience. These bouncy castles are commonly equipped with safety features such as robust mesh sides that provide visibility and containment, as well as floors that incorporate double-sewn construction for additional strength and stability. To ensure a safe environment for children, it’s imperative to install bounce houses on a flat, level surface clear of sharp objects or potential hazards.
Vigilant adult supervision is non-negotiable, as guardians must oversee playtime to enforce safety guidelines and manufacturer rules. There’s a clear list of items that must be kept out of the bounce house, including sharp accessories, jewelry, and external toys, to prevent punctures and injuries.
Activities like somersaults, flips, and rough play are not just discouraged but should be actively prevented to mitigate the chance of injury. Setting the ground rules for behavior inside an inflatable bounce house isn’t limiting the fun; it’s ensuring a fun experience remains positive and free from unpleasant experiences.
Ensuring Safety in Bounce Houses:
  • Adult Supervision: Constant and attentive
  • Setup Location: Flat, level surfaces, away from hazards
  • Prohibited Items: Sharp objects, jewelry, toys
  • Restricted Activities: Somersaults, flips, rough play

Types of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Inflatable bounce houses are a colorful and energetic addition to any children’s party or family gathering. Their variety is as wide-ranging as the imagination, with designs and themes that cater to almost any interest. Some bounce houses are shaped like animals, while others adopt themes from popular children’s franchises, tropical & toddler themed bounce houses. Sizes can range significantly as well, from compact 10’x10’ models suitable for small backyards to sprawling 20’x20’ structures designed for larger events. The commonly rented sizes are between 13’x13’ and 15’x15’, which strike a balance between offering enough space for fun and being manageable in terms of setup and takedown.
Most bounce houses have a limit to how many kids can play inside at once, typically supporting an average of 4-8 children depending on the size of the inflatable. This ensures safety and allows for ample space for each child to jump and play. The inflatables feature internal chambers, often referred to as baffling, that serve to direct airflow and maintain the structure’s shape and firmness while in use. This design ensures the bounce house stays inflated and functional throughout the entertainment period.

Bounce Houses for Residential Use

Residential bounce houses are an excellent investment for families looking to create memorable and active play experiences in their own backyards. They’re suitable for multiple children at once, promoting social interaction and physical activity. These inflatables are more than just a simple play area; they can transform any backyard into an energetic and joyful playground where kids can jump, laugh, and exercise while having a blast.
As the cost of residential bounce houses has dropped, they’ve become more accessible as a feature for home entertainment. You no longer have to wait for a special event; any sunny day can become a celebration with a bounce house as the centerpiece. Bounce houses for home use encourage outdoor activity and can turn a birthday party into an unforgettable experience for the young guests.

Commercial Bounce Houses for Rental Companies

Commercial bounce houses are the heavy-duty cousins of their residential counterparts. Constructed with robust, durable materials, these inflatables are built to endure the demands of frequent use at a variety of events, from birthday parties and fairs to carnivals and public gatherings. Commercial bounce houses typically are crafted from PVC and other resilient, weather-resistant materials that are not only tough but also easy to clean—a critical feature for rental company inventory.
Pricing for these commercial units can hover between $1,500 and $3,000, which makes them a viable business investment for rental companies. With the average cost of renting a commercial bounce house in the U.S. at around $100 per event, it doesn’t take long to recoup the initial purchase price and start turning a profit. Plus, their enhanced durability means they last longer, providing an ongoing revenue source for rental businesses focused on fun and enjoyable experiences.

Benefits of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Inflatable bounce houses are more than just play areas; they serve as a hub of activity that provides numerous benefits for children. They offer an enjoyable form of physical activity, which is crucial in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Climbing into and bouncing around these structures gives children a cardiovascular workout that rivals traditional forms of exercise. Children are often unaware of the energetic exertion involved as they are focused on the fun experience.
Bounce houses create a social environment where children can interact and engage with their peers. This social element is particularly important for developing team skills and the ability to play cooperatively. The excitement of jumping in a bouncy house can also help burn off excess energy, which can lead to better sleep patterns and improved behavior.
Incorporating a bounce house into special events like birthday parties, family reunions, and community events adds a level of excitement that can be the focal point of the celebration. For a rental company, adding such inflatables to their inventory can provide an edge over competition by offering a unique and sought-after entertainment option.

Opportunities for Special Events

Inflatable bounce houses offer unique opportunities for special events, providing a focal point of entertainment that can be tailored to the occasion. They are suitable for a wide range of events, from intimate birthday parties to grand festivals. Here are some ways that bounce houses enhance special events:
  • Versatility: Whether you’re hosting a superhero-themed kid’s birthday party or an elegant wedding with a section for children, there is an inflatable bounce house that fits the theme.
  • Convenience: Rental companies provide flexibility in the rental period, allowing for short-term enjoyment without the long-term investment of purchasing.
  • Engagement: An inflatable castle or obstacle course can keep children engaged and entertained, allowing adults to mingle without worrying about keeping their kids occupied.
  • Adaptability: With options available for different budgets and event sizes, organizers can choose the best option that suits their needs.
Having bounce houses at special events can create memorable experiences. The sheer joy and excitement visible on the children’s faces when they see a bouncy castle are priceless. Whether for private celebrations or public events, bounce houses have become a staple for creating enjoyable experiences that guests of all ages remember. Rental companies often provide deals, such as package prices for larger events that require multiple inflatables, making it economically feasible to add that extra touch of merriment to any gathering.

Tips for a Fun and Enjoyable Bounce House Experience

To maximize enjoyment, always actively supervise children while they bounce away to their heart’s content. Use this opportunity to bond and ensure their safety, which is paramount. Adjust your selection based on the age and physicality of the children to provide them with a bouncy castle that is a perfect match for their energy and size.
Decide in advance whether water will play into the day’s activities, as it greatly influences your choice between wet or dry bounce houses. If you opt for an inflatable water slide or a water-friendly bouncer, remember that drying the structure thoroughly before deflation is essential. Proper drying prevents mildew and mold, helping to maintain hygiene and longevity.

Many Designs and Sizes Are Now Available

Bounce houses now come in different designs and shapes. Some of these designs include building designs, animal designs, even the popular Nickelodeon and Disney themes. They also come in different colors. Bounce houses and most inflatables are manufactured in the United States and Asia. The most common bounce house sizes range from 13’x13’ to 15’x15’. However, there are larger sizes around the range of 20’x20’ and smaller sizes around the range of 10’x10’. The standard bounce house sizes can take at least four children at once.
Bounce houses are primarily used at baby showers, festivals, fairs, weddings, corporate events, and other events for children. They are not only fun to play in, but they also help keep children busy while the parents socialize or attend to other important things. Children’s birthday parties are the most popular venues you are sure to see bounce houses. In fact, due to the high demand for bounce houses at birthday parties, several bounce house rentals services are not popping up in every city across the United States.

Choosing the Right Size and Type of Bounce House

When it comes to bounce houses, size does matter. Determine the best fit for your event by measuring the available space at the venue and remember to account for clearance on all sides for safety reasons. For a baby shower or intimate family gathering, a smaller inflatable might be more suitable, while larger bouncers can become the centerpiece of big festivals or corporate events. Keep in mind, however, that the bouncer should never feel squeezed into the space—children need room to enter and exit safely, without any obstruction.
The type of bounce house also adds to the experience. Besides the standard bouncy house, you can opt for specialty inflatables like obstacle courses or inflatable slides to ramp up the physical activity even further. This diversity not only caters to different age groups but also ensures the children are engaged and entertained with an activity that resonates with them.

Following Safety Rules and Guidelines

To begin, remove hard surfaces, trees, and large objects around the bounce house to minimize the risk of injury or damage. It’s critical to adhere to age and weight restrictions and ensure active supervision by an adult at all times.
The pinnacle of bounce house safety lies in the proper setup and takedown of the inflatable. This includes following specific rules, such as not setting up near power lines and using a suitable surface like grass rather than hard concrete.
Take time to read and understand the safety guidelines and rules provided by the rental company. These are designed to offer clarity on do’s and don’ts for parents and guardians, ensuring a secure environment for the children to play in.

Ensuring a Smooth Rental Experience

To guarantee your bounce house rental experience is as smooth as possible, exercise due diligence when choosing a rental company. Look for providers with stellar reviews, a solid reputation, and clear, secure rental policies. Prior to booking, inquire about their maintenance and inspection processes to affirm the unit you receive will be clean and in excellent condition.
Understand what’s included in the rental package—and what might be extra—to avoid any unexpected fees. When the big day arrives, expect the delivery crew to provide detailed instructions and safety briefings, including an emergency contact number. While tipping is not obligatory, it’s worth acknowledging exceptional service that enhances your rental experience from start to finish.
For a stress-free conclusion, ensure that the inflatable is thoroughly dried (if water was used) before deflation. This step sustains the longevity of the bounce house and makes a significant difference in maintenance for the rental company. Following these tips can lead to a delightful experience that the children and you will remember fondly.

Price of Inflatables

In the United States, inflatables cost between $1,500 to $3,000. Since most people who buy them also rent them out, recuperating the purchase cost is relatively easy. In the USA, the average cost of renting a bounce house is about $100 per rental.
If you are considering starting a bounce house rental service, you don’t need much aside from the inflatables. Most bounce house rental companies employ a simple approach for their business. They mostly don’t engage in proper advertising and don’t even carry proper insurance certificates. However, some large players in the industry are licensed and insured.

Proper Maintenance is Key

Although they look big and overwhelming, bounce houses are pretty easy to clean and maintain after every event. However, you will need a lot of water and other cleaning solvents and preservatives to ensure it is properly cleaned before storage. Bounce houses can easily deteriorate and lose their value without proper maintenance. So, you must do your best to maintain your inflatables at all costs.

Key Takeaways

Inflatable bounce houses are a fantastic addition to any rental business. Not only are they popular among children, but they also provide a fun and safe way to entertain kids at parties and events. By investing in high-quality equipment, maintaining it properly, and providing excellent customer service, you can ensure that your inflatable bounce house business will be successful for years to come. Bounce into action and start reaping the benefits today!

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