Inflatable Water Slides

How To Clean and Maintain Inflatable Water Slides

Suppose you plan to start a commercial inflatable rentals service; you must understand that running the business is not an easy task. Aside from ensuring that your inflatables are not damaged during transportation from one place to another, you also need to ensure that they are well maintained and properly cleaned.

Cleaning your inflatable inventory can be challenging. However, it must be done to maintain the inventory and keep them in good condition.


How to Clean Inflatable Water Slide

If the stains on your inflatable water slides are not properly removed before storage, they could remain there permanently and can make the sliders lose their value and beauty. To ensure that your inventory is well cleaned and stored in good condition, below are some steps to follow when cleaning your inflatable water slides:


Remove The Extra Components of The Inflatable

The first thing that should be done is to remove the extra components of the inflatable water slide. The misting unit is a good example of such additional components of your inflatable water slide. Keep the blower off during this process and also maintain the air pressure in the inflatable slide. This makes the water slide easy to rinse.


Switch On Your Hose

The next step is to safely rinse it down. To save water, it’s better to aim at the top corner. You should apply adequate pressure when rinsing to completely remove tough mud patches. You must also pay extra attention to the slide and step section.


Remove The Water

Removing the water after washing is also vital. One must drain the water to prevent it from getting into the seams. You can also use a dry cloth to mop the Velcro areas and wet corners. When removing the water, you must ensure to turn on the blower. This way, the inflatable slide can expand to its full size, so it can get air dried easily. Cleaning and drying of the slide liners can be done separately. Also, you must make sure the liner is flipped after it has dried for a few hours.

The above step should be repeated for each zipper till the water is completely out. When trying to remove the water, it is important to wear waterproof footwear. This will ensure that marks are not left on your inflatable water slide. Once all the water is out, turn the blower off and get ready for egress.


Egress And Drying

Roll up the water slide and pack up the remaining gear. Look for a clean and safe place to dry the deflated water slide. Drying prevents mold growth during storage. If there are any puddles left, get a flat surface and dry it off with a towel as it is folded for storage. It is advised to leave a zipper open to allow water to evaporate naturally.


Disinfecting Inflatable Water Slide

Once you’ve dried the inflatable water slide completely, you can go ahead to spray its surfaces with an antimicrobial preservative. This helps to keep the water slide germ-free. After this, you can put the slide cover and liner back together and deflate the inflatable.
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